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Zuidam Old Tom gin is who knows how the delicate flavors of a traditional Dutch genever mer can combine the fresh properties of a dry gin. A gin become distilled according to ancient traditions in a pot still, after which it then get the same treatment but am accompanied by 10 different botanicals. these include: juniper, elderflower, iris root from Italy, coriander from Morocco, angelica, sweet oranges and fresh whole lemons from Spain, licorice from India, cardamom, whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. They are then blended and of course brought on drinking strength and as a final touch mounted a short period in new American barrels. As a result, the woody flavors partly reflected in the background. Mainly this gin has a complex, spicy aroma. Besides the friendly vanilla are also essential trace scents of cardamom and juniper. Its taste is slightly sweet as vanilla influences are seen again, but they are not too overbearing. Earthy notes of juniper have a strong presence, like the reported advance! Woody tones. He has an alcohol content of 40% and is a fine candidate for use in a G & T

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