Tullamore Dew 18 years is three times distilled single malt Irish whiskey is aged at least eighteen. It is known that the initial whiskey in ex-bourbon barrels matures after a finish is applied to several vatsoorten ex-Oloroso, former Port and former Madeira. This second aging period lasted at least six months, after which the content is assembled from the different vessels. This naturally soft whiskey takes the best of all vatsoorten used to. Together, this makes Tullamore Dew 18 years is a true taste sensation; sweets, fruit and malt include discovering. Expect a rich fragrance which oak, malt, caramelized fruit and spices together. In the mouth, silky texture is striking. Vanilla occurs in the foreground, supplemented by cinnamon, apple baked, roasted marshmallows and sweet biscuits.

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