Tinto Red Premium Gin is produced in Portugal and flavored with ingredients from the region around Valença. Including dill, mint scented catmint, bark of the white willow (state as many people purity), elderberry, lemon balm, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary and lavender, lemon, orange and blackberry. But what makes it so bound region is through the use of the Perico fruit seasonal outdoor grow on escramboeiro tree. This begins to grow at the end of October. A fruit that compare a little bit measuring a peer. These ingredients are gemacreerd for a long time so that their flavors are absorbed well in the beverage and distilled three times. This makes for a very unique gin, with strong fruity notes. Slightly sweet, with sour background thanks to the special Perico fruit and ripe berries. Floral aromas and earthy notes of forest floor. This gin has an alcohol content of 40%

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