The New Zealand Whiskey Collection The Oamaruvian is a New Zealand whiskey matures in two vatsoorten and then at cask strength (cask strength) is filled. This 18 year old whiskey will first six years in ex-bourbon casks and matures through the last 12 years in ex red wine barrels from France. This whiskey is named after the New Zealand town of Oamaru, because the physical maturation has taken place in this city. The coastal actual climate of the city, the maturation of the whiskey as the creators of The New Zealand Whiskey collection is so good that they dedicate this expression in the city. Full scents of raisins, cherries, clove and various fruit stone dust from the glass. Adding water creates notes of chocolate, almonds and light hint of balsamic. Vivid full taste in the mouth with influences of dried fruit, nutmeg, licorice and anise. The finish is slightly dry and combine herbs with sweets.

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