Famous Grouse 1 liter is a blended Scotch whiskey that for years the biggest selling his belongs. At The Famous Grouse is blending whiskeys into an art; since 1800 they are engaged in blending malt and grain whiskeys to create the ultimate whiskey. The basis for this comes from the finest ingredients, carefully selected casks for maturation and the skills of the Master Blender of the distillery. Famous Grouse whiskey is known for its consistent quality and rich, round flavor. The smell of this whiskey is accessible and well balanced, which stand some sweet notes. The flavors are soft, round and fruity. A whiskey which you can enjoy straight or with ice from you, but also ideal to experience delicious mixed drinks, where you choose? With a bottle of Famous Grouse 1L you assure yourself a spot of whiskey at a very competitive price. Enjoy it as you like!

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