The Arran Exciseman is the third and final installment of the popular Smugglers' Series. This limited edition series is dedicated to the smuggling history of the island. Illegal distilleries produced here in the distant past and whiskey smuggled it from the island to other areas. The third part of the Smuggler's series matures on both madeira casks and quarter casks. Arran at one chose Madeira barrels used for aging, because the smugglers of yesteryear these vessels also used to store their whiskey and transport. The smugglers used furthermore like small vessels that turn it easy to transport goods. For this reason also the quarter cask maturation of Arran The Exciseman used as a nod to then. Honey is abundant in the fragrance. This is accompanied by fresh influences from the coast and appropriate layers of fruit. a spicy hint is also striking. Full and refreshing in the mouth. Apple, citrus flavor give a lively turn, while at the same time full and pronounced.

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