Plantation 3 Stars is a white rum that belongs for years to the range of this brand. A carefully chosen blend based on rum from three prominent rum countries: Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. This combination gives Plantation 3 Stars rich and well-balanced taste, finesse and structure. Soft, pleasant notes of brown sugar, honey, coffee and spices form the odor. On the palate, this white rum bittersweet with a light structure. Fine effects of dark chocolate, cream, spices and something grassigs characteristics taste. Try Plantation 3 Stars in the mix with common soft drinks or as part of a cocktail, for example, a Daquiri! How 'm making? Grab your bottle of white rum with it and follow the steps! Pour 60 ml of white, 15 ml of sugar syrup and 30ml (fresh) lime juice in a shaker. Shake the contents well and pour him into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and Daquiri is a fact.

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