Moët & Chandon N.I.R. Dry Rosé with LED light in the bottom of the bottle. Moët & Chandon N.I.R. Dry Rosé is a champagne that combines the best properties of the Moët Rosé and Moët Nectar. N.I.R. is a full champagne with a relatively dry dose that allows you to enjoy the seductive aromas of ripe fruit that lasts until the finish is spicy and immediately surprises and refreshes you. The assembly consists of the diversity of three grape varieties. The intensity has that of the Pinot Noir, the body of the Pinot Meunier and the freshness of the Chardonnay. This champagne can be enjoyed delicious with ice or without ice. Moët & Chandon N.I.R. Dry Rosé is both a tempting aperitif and a perfect accompaniment to light, Mediterranean dishes due to its fruity expression and full, smooth structure.

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