No Bi Ki Sei is a clear dry gin from Japan and distilled by the Kyoto distillery. In many ways it's made with the same botanicals and has much in common as the classic Ki No Bi. consisting of yuzu (Japanese citrus), green tea, ginger, bamboo and Japanese green pepper (Sansho pepper). But there is a big difference between the two, namely the Sei variant navy strength, and thus has a higher alcohol content. The Kyoto distillery team has him further reassessed thereby overcoming the effects of botanicals intensive. In its aroma makes the yuzu fruit is already well known lying between lemon and orange with a little hint of tea. his tastes are not hard or sharp, but an appropriate level of intensity. Again it is the Yuzu which it dominates with its citrus notes along with the salty flavor Sansho. Surrounded by showing sharper ginger. The juniper is present throughout the experience, but finds its place more in the background. This gin has an alcohol content of 54.5%

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