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The Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection comes in a beautiful gift package consisting of three 20cl bottles. Discover 'The Spice Road, "" The Gold Route and The Royal Route, whiskeys inspired by distant journeys made in the past. Johnnie Walker The Spice Road is a whiskey with an Asian twist, and is also a tribute to the vibrant colors and strong flavors that spice markets are known for. Various spices, fruits and herbs are the heart of this whiskey. The Johnnie Walker The Gold Route is an exotic appearance that combines the best of several Caribbean countries and the Amazon. Testing of various tropical fruit accompanied by seductive influences of vanilla and sweets. Ancient Persia and the East are the inspiration for Johnnie Walker The Royal Route. Intense and strong flavor. Layers of fruit, spices and sweets which go excellently together. Keys oak and light smoke both creating a nice balance.

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