Johnnie Walker Black Label 70cl is a classic whiskey in the world and one of the most beloved Johnnie Walker labels. The Black Label is a delicious smoky whiskey which is produced by different single malt and grain whiskeys mixing to perfection with each other. The whiskeys used in this blend have all aged at least 12 years. Despite its smokiness whiskey has a pleasant and accessible character. Black Label Johnnie Walker is a longstanding understanding what it owes to its consistent quality and versatile character. Drink'm straight or with ice, in the mix, or as part of a cocktail, this whiskey is an all-rounder! Curious about how to mix it? We help you on your way. Make a nice Johnnie & Ginger! Fill a tall glass with ice cubes and add sufficient for 25ml and 75ml Black Label Whiskey Ginger Ale shape. Fill it with a teaspoon of lime juice and add finally a slice of orange as a garnish. Cheers!

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