Glengoyne Chapter One is a limited edition series that tells the story behind the distillery. Every year there will be a new edition will be added to this series. The series starts with the Glengoyne Chapter One, the chapter devoted to the Distillery Manager 1869. The manager, named Cochrane Cartwright, decided at that time to extend the duration of the production process, which resulted in more fruity and sweet flavors in the whiskey. He also chose to take place maturation in sherry casks, a tradition held to this day in class today as much as possible. The basis of the brand, as we know today it is laid. Glengoyne Chapter One matures in both first-fill and refill Oloroso sherry casks. Nose full, sweet, vanilla, pear and cinnamon. Taste: both sweet and fruity. Sherry, vanilla and raisins complementary. Finish: well balanced between spices and dried fruit.

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