Cotswolds Dry Gin is handcrafted and distilled in small batches, to a soft London Dry style gin, but with the real Cotswolds twist. They have mixed a unique blend of botanicals with the purest grain alcohol, then they have distilled liquor in Holstein pot stills of copper. This allows the gin may undergo a long maceration and a slow distillation, creating a beautiful, perfectly balanced gin with the best quality. On the nose you will experience delicious, fresh citrus notes of grapefruit with cilantro and sweet, floral juniper. Soft tones of crushed black pepper and lavender scented Cotswolds. On the palate taste flavors of spices and pine cones, followed by grapefruit and coriander seeds. You will also come back to black pepper, with a hint of dried angelica root. Light minerals and eucalyptus tones conclude, along with notes of lemon and lavender. The finish is delicious and balanced. Juniper, citrus, cardamom and cooling linger into the mouth.

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