Compass Box Stranger & Stranger is released to celebrate the ten-year collaboration with design company Stranger & Stranger. They design the labels and packaging of all Compass Box whiskey. Normally, the design company gets some guidelines that the design must meet, but this expression should they let their creativity run wild. This Compass Box is an experimental release said single malt Scotch whiskey which has been supplemented with spirit is made on the basis of wheat and barley. Some will call this sacrilege, but John Glazer saw this as the ideal complement to the composition of the blend. Ultimately, 4,802 bottles filled this publication. Scents and flavors of cream, burnt sugar, fresh apple and several spices you back into the character of Compass Box find Stranger & Stranger. Also, soft caramel, and influences of various fruits are present. Further, it has a characteristic, sweetened undertone which comes from the added grain spirit.

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