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Expats in Belgium

There are more expats living in Belgium than at any time in the past, according to a study carried out by Brussels property investment firm Skyline Europe. There are currently some 220,000 expats – defined as educated foreign workers – living in the country, an increase of 46% on the year 2000.

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Belgium is a great country with fabulous culture, lots of travel opportunities and a superb quality of life. 

The beer is of course good, as is the chocolate. Stray away from tourist traps, such as the notoriously bad Rue des Bouchers in Brussels, and a land of gastronomic delights beckons. Waterzooi, a deliciously creamy chicken and fish broth, and shrimp croquettes are certainly worth a try.

But it’s the foreign recipes that Belgians cook so well. Belgium is a cauldron of nationalities, and the proof of its diversity is in its pudding… or fresh egg pasta: 17% of the population were foreign born, with the largest proportion coming from Italy. 

Multicultural Belgium, however, isn’t always seen in a positive light. Muslim migrants face discrimination and ‘Molenbeekphobia’ is a shameful reality. Nevertheless, on the whole Belgians are good at working together calmly to find solutions. In 2010 the country went 589 days without a government, and still ticked along nicely. It even outperformed other euro economies. 

With the exception of waiters and shop assistants, Belgians are adept at seeking compromise. If you’re invited to a house party, the first question you’ll be asked is which language you prefer. There are three official languages (French, Flemish and German), but my Belgian friends speak excellent English and can get by in many more languages too.