Tenu Gin was originally crafted by a brotherhood of monks from rare wild forest ingredients deep in the Finnish Taïga - the last primitive, untamed forest wilderness of the north. To this day Tenu Gin is distilled and bottled in the Valamo Monastery Distillery by a renowned Finnish team of experts working to a high degree of perfection. Pure spring water, rare Botanicals such as wild herbs, aromatic roots, wild roses, cranberries, arctic lingonberries as well as juniper berries of the finest quality are the big players in this Premium Gin. This well-balanced, lively and complex dry Gin always preserves the mystery surrounding the spirit of the deep, wild forest, also displayed on the very unusual bottle label. Tenu Gin’s unique, aromatic profile is perfectly suited for Cocktail classics such as the Negroni, Gimlet, or a Dry Martini.   

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